HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Spring - Harmony Plaza

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Unfortunately, this is the second worst haircut I've ever gotten. My haircut is basic and simple, clipper on the sides and a little scissored off the top. I do not like to spend time messing with my hair in the morning. I went in about a year and a half ago and got a particular stylist who refused to use clippers for some reason. She tried to do my entire haircut with scissors (I have never had a haircut without clippers). I left there looking like Ron Burgandy. It was aggravating, but I just went somewhere else a couple of weeks later and had it "fixed." I decided to give them a second try because they are so conveniently located this past April. I got the SAME person. This time, she used clippers. I'd rate it a bad haircut, but I'm a guy and I just figured it will grow out. Besides, I didn't have any major work events coming up in the next week or so. I then tried them again the following month, and got the same PERSON YET AGAIN!! Bad luck I guess. This time was the absolute worst. She did use clippers....Now, if I had asked for a Mohawk, I would have been aggravated (I don't do Mohawks), because it looked like she was trying to give me one and ended up giving me a pineapple hair cut. Yes, that's right, my hair looked like a pineapple, completely scalped on all sides with a little tuft of "foliage" left on the top. I was aggravated but polite and tipped more than I should have and left. It wasn't that big a deal (second worst haircut EVER), until my wife asked "WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOUR HAIR?!! She was right it was awful and I had a business meeting the next week and it still looked horrid. It's been over a month and I still can not get it styled right. AVOID THIS LOCATION AT ALL COSTS!! I can not believe they'd let someone that incompetent work there for so long.

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